BETAing around the bush


Since I started in my new job, I've set up a new laptop with all the tools I need, and also tried to comply with company standards regarding software. Company being a rather noticeable Microsoft-partner, new software are to be tried and getting familiar with and I'm feeling pretty BETA right now.

Let's describe my current setup: Windows Vista RTM, Office 2007, Adobe Acrobat 7.0, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP1 and Visual Studio 2005 SP1, not to mention Virtual PC 2007 RC.

If that means nothing to you, this may not be the article for you, but in any case let's break it down even further:


Trying out Ubuntu 6.10 Desktop

Around the time Ubuntu Linux had reached the early betas for release 6, people seemed all up in rave about it, so I thought I should give it a try. I left a 5GB partition on my laptop and tried to get it up and running. Long story short: A total failure, and 5GB wasted idle space on my laptop.

What happened back then was that automatic hardware detection failed miserably on my ATI adapter, and no amount of tweaking, despite finding certain workarounds that had worked for others on the net would get me a working Xorg or GUI for you people not really into *nix.


MS Vista is the longest suicide note ever written

While I did a short write-up about my views on Vista and the cost involved in the system-wide DRM and licensing that is to be enforced in it merely to make Hollywood happy, someone else evidently have the full specs and did a much better one.

It's long, it's technical and probably covers every angle there is on the subject. Quite depressing, so sorry for posting this during christmas.

I do however like the conclusion:

Here's an offer to Microsoft: If we, the consumers, promise to never, ever, ever buy a single HD-DVD or Blu-Ray disc containing any precious premium content, will you in exchange withhold this poison from the computer industry? Please?


Checking out Lightbox 2.0

Recently I've rewritten more or less the entire code-base for one of my other sites. In the end I decided to switch to a much more simplified data-model, and this made the code a lot easier to work with. That, combined with a major increase in traffic lately, have given me much incentive to fool around and improve on the site itself.

So after checking out the HOWTOs and such, I decided I should try Lightbox out.


The Windows Vista licensing: A code perspective

Recently there's been lots of bad noise about how Microsoft has decided to license Windows Vista. Most of the complaints that has been adressed so far has been from a user's point- of view and how the new licensing is unnecessarily restrictive. Considering how most of this is self-evident, I'm not going to dive deeper into that.

Instead, I will be looking at this question from a code-perspective and how this probably will affect the actual codebase of Windows Vista itself and why I think Microsoft has made a really bad decision.

A little about me


Simple C# RSS-publishing library

Having posted nothing useful in a while I decided I might as well publish my simple RSS-components library. Basicly it implements what's needed to publish a RSS-feed on a website. A valid RSS-feed, as opposed to lots of the other feeds out there.

Usage is simple:

  • Instanciate a RssFeed object with your own site-specific data.
  • Instanciate a RssItem object with specific post-data and add to the Items collection of the RssFeed object. Repeat as needed.
  • Return the output from the ToString() method on the RssFeed class to the client.
  • Done.


Yaaaawn - Script-kiddie Slackware users

Today slashdot reported that Slackware (Linux) 11 is now out. Being bored at work, I decided to troll a little. That is, inform whoever might risk being misled by the headline, that Slackware is a piece of shit that should be avoided at all cost.

All the standard responses were there. That using Slackware was the only true way to learn how Linux really works. How every other Linux distro out there is bloated and that it will severely impact the performance of their 3.0GHz multi-core setups they have running (nevermind Slackware being compiled for 386, eh?). There were also a few creative ways of rewriting "Slackware lacks essential features" into "Not being locked into a specific solution".


My computer is a piece of shit

New hardware! Yay! Well almost anyway.

Yesterday I bought a 2GB memorystick for my cellphone. Using 128kbps MP4-files that can fit quite a lot of music. Put the memorystick into the cardreader, copied files, put the card in phone. And things worked. Like things should. Useful, working, no hastle. These are things I like.

Move on to today and let's repeat the story. A friend of mine wants a network switch that I've been borrowing for quite a time now back, so I went out to buy a switch myself. Simple enough. Gigabit switches are cheap enough today, so buying anything less seems like a waste.


MS Virtual Server 2005 R2 vs. VMware Server


When I installed this server, VMware server still wasn't a free product, while MS Virtual Server 2005 R2 was. Since I don't feel like running pirated software on my machines, my choice of virtualilization platform was pretty obvious back then. I knew that technically VMware most likely were a better product, but just how much difference could there possibly be?

This is a long one, so if you just want to see the obvious conclusion, scroll down to the bottom already.



Cleaning up some filthy code

Yesterday I installed Microsoft Visual Sourcesafe 2005 just so I could organize my code a little better. It may be the crappiest, most primitive sourcecontrol you can find on this planet, but it does work neatly with Visual Studio. Plus I don't need all that fancy functionality for my needs.

So far my code has been all over the place, and I hoenstly don't know where the code for all my projects happen to be. So after installing Visual Sourcesafe, I went trough my code and built up a solid set of strictly seperated, 100% reusable libraries.


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