Simple C# RSS-publishing library

Having posted nothing useful in a while I decided I might as well publish my simple RSS-components library. Basicly it implements what's needed to publish a RSS-feed on a website. A valid RSS-feed, as opposed to lots of the other feeds out there.

Usage is simple:

  • Instanciate a RssFeed object with your own site-specific data.
  • Instanciate a RssItem object with specific post-data and add to the Items collection of the RssFeed object. Repeat as needed.
  • Return the output from the ToString() method on the RssFeed class to the client.
  • Done.

There's also a sample included for those who want a concrete example. I'm a coward and use manual stringbuilding instead of XML DOM-code, but it's tested and found no bugs, so I have no issues with it. Do let me know if you find any bugs yourself.

Code and sample can be downloaded here.

This small library uses Generics so you will need .NET 2.0 to use this library. If you really insist on using .NET 1.1, I'm sure you can adjust the few lines of code that is needed.

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