Me & my projects

I've had enough websites online to keep myself busy. I also have few different projects going on. Add to this the fact that I have a job, and you can pretty guarantee that I'm not keeping everything up to date, and that some of it is pretty much stale or at a stand-still.

My projects

Once you lose track of things, be it the smaller or the bigger things you've done, getting a good grip on it again ain't always that easy. I'll try to sum up what's been made public

Other projects

I run a variety of sites and services, some being more popular than others.

One of the things I have done, which I am quite pleased with is my offsite-management system. I did host many websites and services on a pretty crappy ADSL-link way below 1mbps capacity. Clearly I needed to offload whatever I could. (among others) is a virtual domain, which I've made specificly to handle bandwidth offloading. All content is stored offsite on a linux system. All control remains local on my server. To make working with this as painless as possible, I've also developed standard .NET libraries, and management tools using these libraries. I'm pretty happy about the setup.

I love RSS and is willing to go trough quite some means to get RSS-data from sites which has none. For this I use my unpublished, but still nice Screenscraper library, which makes it a child's play to analyze the most asinene, broken HTML and get sane data out.

A list of my past screenscrapers and external RSS Feeds can be found here:

Other sites

Besides these projects I have a couple of other websites I try to keep up to date and running:

Do I have sparetime? I'd like to think so ;)