For 1% of my visitors

Most of you wont even get that this one is supposed to be funny, but I found it on youtube, tagged "god of entertainment" and all. And, yeah, I was laughing all the way trough.

So, for the 1% of my visitors that actually know a few words japanese, this one is a must-see thingie.


Not exactly a nationalist

Me, w00t

I love the internet. A wrong click here and all the money on your bank account may be gone. Ofcourse a right click can do that too. Today I plotted in some dates and clicked away a decent amount of cash.

The dates plotted were May 1st and May 25th. May is a special month in Norway. For one, you have workers day on May 1st, which for some odd reason still is considered an important day.

Second you have the official national day of Norway on May 17th. This is naturally such an important day that everyone goes on a frenzy, gets dead drunk on May 16th and in the end are unable to get up doing anything constructive May 17th.





(Not posted in english since none of my english readers will care :P )

Watching japanese stuff without subtitles rules

Well... Not really. Not most of the time. At least not when your japanese skills are still pretty insufficient, to put it lightly.

Most of the japanese shows I watch are indeed subtitled, for me to have a change to grok anything at all.

However, for some actors I am willing to make exceptions, and thus I decided to check out Sentou no musume, a 45 episode japanese drama wich never gained enough popularity among western fans for anyone to bother subbing it. Rather ambitious, I must admit.


Japanese abuse

Today I mailed my first ever japanese abuse email. Some japanese site had their nameserver compromised, and tried to compromise my server. Me not like.

After checking out the site in question a little more thoroughly I discovered that the admin in place was actually fully aware of this, and were working on fixing his setup.

He even admitted that this was absolutely inexecueable, but there were no mentioning of hounourable suicide nor harakiri. Oh well. At least that means someone will recieve and read the email I wrote in my best, mangled japanese.

Cheaters number 1 tool to groking japanese

All Firefox users know the awesomeness of extensions. All people learning japanese know the pain of looking up a dozen kanjis to read a simple sentence.

Considering this, you would think someone had the bright idea of using this awesomeness to make a fix for this more than subtle pain. And you would be right.

I've been using this extension for months and I can't give it enough praise. For some reason I've evidently forgotten to make a mention of it here, but I guess I just forgot. That is, until a IM session this evening reminded me of it.





メールは日本語が書いてやる。怖がらないよね (^_^)



Great tool for looking up Kanjis

The way japanese language is written can roughly be divided into two different ways.

One is Hiragana & Katakana, which has no actual meaning, but instead represents phonetic information (and therefore rougly equates our western alphabet).

On the other side you have Kanji (chinese characters) which represents a meaning, but has no obvious pronounciation or phonetic information embedded in it.

For whoever who is trying to learn japanese, meeting a rogue kanji can be a highly tedious affair. By rogue kanji I mean a kanji in the wild with no means to copy & paste it into a lookup tool. You are then stuck with a ideogramaitc symbol you have no idea what means, and no idea how it should be pronounced or written. In short, it's very hard to look up.


My first Jpop transcription!

Yup. I wanted to learn to play a song by Otsuka Ai, found some chords online, and was happy.

Didn't take long though, until I realized it was pretty much inacurate. Since I had to figure it out myself anyway, I decided to rewrite the entire thing.

So here it is: My first Jpop transcription, Otsuka Ai - Neko ni fuusen.


In our part of the world, there's a bunch of different rankings when it comes to women. Sexiest, best cleavage, best ass. Sort of sexist, but it seems to be a part of the way Hollywood works.

As an alternate ranking, I bring you this japanese one, which is slightly more friendly. The girlfriend ranking. Not very interesting unless you know japanese though.

Unsurprisingly Ueto Aya is ranked as number one. My number one candidate, however... She ended up as 81. Good thing I'm not a gambler.

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