Trend-whores are sheep. Or have sheep.

Right right right. Haven't written here in ages. Been super-busy at work, still am. I have some project I need finished by tomorrow 16:00 (4pm for you yanks) and I still have stuff to do. Why does it need to be friday? I'm leaving for Japan May 1st, and I'd like to be done by then.

Speaking of Japan... Dogs are a trend over there now. You can go to a shop and rent a dog for an hour, just to have your fashionate hour with a fashionate dog. Seriously.

Apparently they don't know dogs too well though. The fashion-whores over there who heard it was classy with a poodle, and decided to buy one cheap when they saw the offer... They didn't realize it was a sheep.


iTunes: Also known as Apple-hatred generator

Now... I've never liked iTunes because I think it is a overrated, slow piece of shit.

It makes my 2.4 GHz Pentium 4 seem like a 286, and that's pretty impressive. Especially considering its task: playing music, something which should be done flawlessly and smooth on a 200MHz Pentium.

But I have to use iTunes to sync my new iPod (as opposed to just copying the damn files), so here I am, giving it a shot, just to get my damn music over to the iPod, so I can actually play it.

Step 1: Download and install iTunes


So now I'm a trend-whore too

So... I'm a man full of prejudice against random things, but the few things I am actually wrong about my prejudices I'm honest enough to admit it. I thought the iPod was a thing lazy people and trend-whores bought because they prefer to do things the easy way. I guess I was wrong.

So I will actually be needing a mp3-player soon, and seeing as I had a light hangover, day will most likely be useless anyway and that I was too lazy to research what other mp3-players out there are actually decent, I decided that I will get one of these iPods too.


Music and stuff

So I'm going alien-spotting in Roskilde this summer. I've made sure a few other people are coming along too, so it will probably be great. However, in the news today was some seriously disappointing stuff. Nine inch nails is coming to "Øya festivalen" but not to Roskilde. What the hell?

Checking out the official NiN site there is also no mention of Roskilde. I do however see NiN lined up in both Tokyo and Osaka in May (when I will actually be there). Tokyo gig is sold out, but in Osaka there are still spare tickets. I should check that out, even though it will be somewhat squeezed time-wise.


I'm not that bad with money it seems


So when it comes down to it, I'm pretty flimsy when it comes to money and spending. I see something I want, and then I buy it.

This usually works out pretty well since I rarely see anything too expensive that I really want. Basicly things like a hotdog at the local 7-11 on my way to work, and stuff like that. There are exceptions, but nevermind that.

You see, today the tabloids actually told me I've made my first truly sane financial decision! Yay! Starting in July, the frozen interest on my student-loan will be lower than the regular interest and hence my decicion to freeze it was actually a good one. Dang.


Oh deer

Today I got up 6am, to reach a early train to Sandefjord, which takes about 2 hours. Then I got to work there. Then it was the train back home again.

When I got back home the store didn't have cold Urquells, so I had to wait until they cooled off. So now I've been to work, had dinner, and are looking at my relatively full second pint of Urquell. And it's almost 10pm. Just where did my day go?

Since I have nothing more interesting to post, I'll just x-post a link to the Dilbert blog. Posting links to a blog from a blog makes me part of the blogosphere and according to the tabloids this is a cool thing. I feel cool already.


My server evidently doesn't serve CSS

After spending a week or so getting the new server up and running as it should, I get weird reports from people telling me some of my sites look like they are from 1994.

Update: After changing some seemingly unrelated settings on the server (routing) things are now working. Whee! And I didn't even use duct-tape!

Upcoming downtime and new domain

Recently I replaced my server, and upgraded the base OS to Windows Server 2003 R2 x64, and so far everything is working except HTTP-compression. Bummer.

Therefore I intend to reinstall the server with plain Windows Server 2003, and this will lead to some downtime. Also, I just bought the domain, and intend to move my main blog there once I get a decent bacon-theme up and running.

Whatever these pages will be used for after that is done... Time will tell. I just really like the new domain-name and I haven't even setup anything there yet.

Link of the day

Today is Steak and BJ day. I think the name says it all really, but if you need more info you can take a look at that link.

So... On a side note I'm feeling like a true gentlemen today and am willing to help desperate, single girls out on this special day. I'm also offering my professional services as an instructor freely to those females that think they may need an introduction to this new tradition in order to serve their future significant others properly.

Ladies: You know where to find me.

Cocktails at the grocery-store and directories of doom

You've all seen Cocktail, right? That cheesy movie from the 80s with Tom Cruise, back when he was the hottest thing around. That's the kind of cocktails I'm talking about.

So... After work today, I went by the grocery-store to pick up some simple dinner that would be fast to make, and I tried to make my visit as quick as possible. Shopping at Rimi ain't exactly grand.

Realising that my supply of beer in the fridge was below critical levels, I decided to pick up a few cans. What do I see? No Urquell. Just great! I had to go for a couple of cans of Frydenlund instead, but oh well... I picked up some food, some shampoo and went to the closest cash-register. Somewhat out there in my own world, listening to Funki Porcini, I didn't really pay much attention until it was my turn to cash up.


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