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So I'm going alien-spotting in Roskilde this summer. I've made sure a few other people are coming along too, so it will probably be great. However, in the news today was some seriously disappointing stuff. Nine inch nails is coming to "Øya festivalen" but not to Roskilde. What the hell?

Checking out the official NiN site there is also no mention of Roskilde. I do however see NiN lined up in both Tokyo and Osaka in May (when I will actually be there). Tokyo gig is sold out, but in Osaka there are still spare tickets. I should check that out, even though it will be somewhat squeezed time-wise.

This will also give me one good reason to check out the place Zepp which everyone seem to be raving out, even though they probably refer to the Zepp in Tokyo. Decisions, decisions decisions... Damn I hate having to make those.

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