Trend-whores are sheep. Or have sheep.

Right right right. Haven't written here in ages. Been super-busy at work, still am. I have some project I need finished by tomorrow 16:00 (4pm for you yanks) and I still have stuff to do. Why does it need to be friday? I'm leaving for Japan May 1st, and I'd like to be done by then.

Speaking of Japan... Dogs are a trend over there now. You can go to a shop and rent a dog for an hour, just to have your fashionate hour with a fashionate dog. Seriously.

Apparently they don't know dogs too well though. The fashion-whores over there who heard it was classy with a poodle, and decided to buy one cheap when they saw the offer... They didn't realize it was a sheep.

Full story here. So as for Japanese fashion-whores. They might be sheep, but some also own their very own sheep as well

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