Today's random post

I've really been beyond busy lately, and I'll be busy another few days. Anyway, I thought I'd post this one gem.

For those of you who have traversed the internets long enough to know the one and only goatse, you might understand what I mean. To the one's who don't: for your own sake, you might not want to research it.

Anyway, someone linked this picture on IRC and all I could think of was a devine being goatse'ing the earth.

Devine Goatse

Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm just overexposed to this kinda stuff :P

I was there!

According to this article (in English for you non-norwegian readers), a youth-house of squatters in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, Denmark got raided by the police today.

Not exactly knowing where Nørrebro is, I decided to use google maps to backtrack where I had been in Copenhagen after Roskilde 2002. Since I'm somewhat familiar with Copenhagen, it didn't really take long, and when I found this location, I could clearly see "Nørrebro" plastered all over the streets.

Guess what? That was where I camped out after Roskilde 2002! Nice people, giving you an alternate view of Copenhagen, and a much needed representation for urban subculture there.


Happy new year!

So, today is Chinese new years day and this new year is the year of the pigs. Guess I make make myself fit without too much work.

As soon as I had the hangover from yesterdays birthday party cleared (or so I thought), I called up sushiexpressen and ordered some Chinese food. Szechuan beef and their Vietnamese rolls to be specific. It's gotten to the point where I honestly can't order anything from them without ordering their superb rolls. They are just that awesome.


Yay! Valentines day!

I was just informed that tomorrow is valentines day. I honestly didn't know.

Some people may think that being single on Valentines day is the saddest thing ever. Oh the woes of not having a girlfriend or wife to be allowed to pamper for a day! The terror! I, for once, look it at rather differently. There's probably no day during the year that being single is better than on Valentines day. Not one.

It really doesn't take much reasoning or research to see this thing as what it really is: Yet another commerce day. Almost like Halloween, just not as obviously retarded.


Super-productive week pre-weekend wrapup

Me, Woah

This week I've been super-productive, gotten a bunch of stuff done, both at work and at home. I even attended a useful and interesting (for once) MSDN-Live conference. Let's sum it up.

Monday I took the day off work since I was going to the MSDN-Live conference. I thought that taking a day off usually involved not working or at least working less than you usually happen to be doing, but I guess I somehow got this wrong. I have never gotten more urgent emails, phone-calls and interruptions of whatever I was doing ever in a day than I did this day.


Tickets ordered and alien-spotting scheduled

While I must admit I mostly check out the tabloids to get a cheap laugh out of what people consider newsworthy, Dagbladet actually was somewhat useful today.

This blog (ie not an official article) informs us that Björk is coming to the Roskilde festival this summer, and that in turn reminded me to order tickets.

This year the price seems to have gone up to 1660 NOK (around 200€), which in my opinion is getting somewhat expensive, although nowhere near PS3-expensive.

Anyway. I'm now all set for music, beer and alien-spotting. See you there!

Sushiexpressen rules

Right now I had some awesome chinese-food. If you ever drop by my apartment when I have some chinese-food, you will probably have some of the better chinese-food Oslo has to offer.

It's not because I'm such a good chef or anything. It's because I order my stuff from a small shop called Sushiexpressen. Despite the name, they do more than just sushi and have a decent variety of Chinese and Asian dishes.

If you live in the Oslo-region and like Chinese-food, this is definitely one you should try out. These guys have great food, prices aren't too shabby and they are on overall pretty friendly people. I will honestly admit I have not once managed to order food from this shop, without ordering much more than I can possibly eat. I love these guys.


I'm a pretty important person it seems

I like to regularly google for stuff which should make my sites appear. You know, just to see where and if they show up on google. Because if something doesn't show up on the first page on google, it doesn't really exist.

So googling for "Jostein Kjønigsen" pretty much brings up lots of stuff related to me. No surprise there.

However googling for "Jostein" only is kinda interesting. If you disregard that silly writer Jostein Gaarder, I'm evidently the second most important Jostein in the known universe.

Pretty neat.

Today I singlehandedly made James Brown spin in his grave

Right. True Story.

I was discussing some server-side aspects of designing web-pages with some guy. He evidently wanted to add and change a few things on one of his sites, and naturally I came up with a two-statement SQL-fix.

Unaffected by my wisdom, the guy really didn't seem to listen, so on the fly I paraphrased James Brown's Sex machine, in full caps, to get the point across.


The guy still didn't seem to listen, but that is sort-of besides the point.

Anime fans worldwide: You are going to hell

This might be shocking news to you, I know. I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but if we are to believe what the media tells us, these news just came in and I thought it was my humble duty to inform you.

Anyway... I'm sure it's not too late to change your ways, since this new hell-policy was quite recently initiated. So what the hell am I talking about? Let's turn to our somewhat evil looking pope for answers.

“Any trend to produce programs and products – including animated films ... which in the name of entertainment exalt violence and portray anti-social behavior or the trivialization of human sexuality is a perversion"


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