Needing new entertainment

Right. Lately I've somehow managed to find time to wade trough the library of doramas that I happen to have. Considering my trip to Tokyo in may, let's just call it educational. And considering the hard-drive crash I had some time ago, it also involved clearing up some badly needed disk-space.

So this week I've finally completed "Sentou no musume" (45 eps, unsubbed), the remainder of "Kochira hon Ikegami sho", season 4, which means I'm all out of that show. Also I've flicked trough a short one called "Boku to kanojo no XXX", which started of excellently, but in the end proved to be rather disappointing.


God GOD damn!

Exactly the 15th of December 2006 Scifi-channel decided that Christmas isn't the time for quality-scifi and that taking a mid-season break in Battlestar Galactica was a great idea.

There's few things measuring up to the tremendeaous suck of mid-season breaks, except for maybe the increasing tendency of series having them. I'd personally like to issue a jihad on whoever even came up with the that idea in the first place.

However, last night, after rescheduling Battlestar Galactica from friday nights to sunday nights, Scifi-channel aired the first new episode since december and ZOMG MY FUCKING BBQ! and what not other handy internet slang I can basterdize while I'm at it. Seriously. God damn.


Boku to kanojo no XXX

Having been somewhat bored lately I started watching a new show I acquired long ago. In fact it's so long ago I can't remember when. As for why I got it, I have no idea. I guess someone told me to get it, and I can be very easy to persuade at times. That is however at the moment mostly irrelevant. I now have the show, and I have started watching it.

The show in question is japense mini-series called "Boku to kanajo no XXX" based directly on some anime with the same name. It's the most dubious, over the top clichéd shit I have seen in a good while. This thing has everything that defines tacky, including not at all subtle implied nudity.


New Battlestar Gallactica Season 3 premieres

Anyone who has seen the new remake of Battlestar Galactica has gone crazy about it. There's no doubt this: This is the best scifi that has been produced in ages. Now, after a long wait, season 3 is out and everyone is in a frenzy.

I'm not going to present any spoilers, not even for season 2, so reading up should be safe.

Despite everyone loving the show, about 100% of the viewers were uneasy about how it would all go after the end of season 2. Basicly, it seemed that the producers had gone Lost on us.


Yay! eX-girl coming to an area near me!

Upcoming wednesday, at John Dee, Oslo, no-one else than eX-girl themselves are coming to town. Yay!

I've been to concerts with these girls before and every single live-gig they've held has surpassed awesome. This will be great!

Only problem I have is thursday. More precisely work at thursday. I will be holding the course "2543 Advanced data access", and need to be quick, sharp and in presentable shape. So I will have to hold back some energy at the concert and don't get drunk, but no way I'm not going.


Evil Beaver!

Last night I was at Garage, Oslo on a concert after getting tipped by a friend. Band in question was Evil Beaver, a 2-person gig featuring bass, drums and vocals and that's it.

The lineup concists of Evil Beaver herself doing the vocals and bass, and the drummer, Gene Trautman (aka Jonny Beaver), mostly known for being Queens of the stone age's replacement drummer back in the year 2000.

Evil Beaver Jonny Beaver

Seeing as how the concert I was at last year with Afrirampo, which also happens to be a 2-person gig, simply was awesome, I figured this concert could be pretty good too. These kinds of bands usually has tons of energy, seeing as this is more or less the only way things can possibly "work".


Why I like BitTorrent & don't mind going "Garrr!"

A little about BitTorrent

For those who don't know BitTorrent or what it happen to be, it is a P2P protocol used to download stuff from the internet.

The good thing about BitTorrent is that users upload what they download, while downloading. That way you get to share the bandwidth load, and releasing anything on the internet can in theory be done by uploading the file just once. As a bandwidth load distribution system it is a very neat concept and works exceptionally well.


Otsuka Ai - Love Cook Tour 2006: A short review

Woah! That was a good concert. It was a Jpop concert and it was pretty damn good. Yes, I just said that.

Since her debut in 2003, Otsuka Ai (大塚愛) has been wildly succesful in Japan. Unlike most pop artists, she writes the songs herself, has a full band instead of taped backup, and she ain't afraid to show it. Her music is also not what would be considered normal Jpop and borderlines rock, ska, cheap & amuzing computer-made music or whatever she feels like when she's writing her stuff.

Otsuka Ai and her band


Attention Please

Attention Please is a ドラマ (japanese drama) featuring no-one else than japan's favorite sweetheart, Ueto Aya.

To be honest calling this a drama is a bit far fetched. By western standards, japanese standards, whatever standards. Drama ain't really the word I'd use to describe this show.

The story as it goes is about Misaki Yukou, a girl who grew up and mainly socialized with guys. Naturally affected by this, she lacks a certain female grace to put it lightly. Seeing how all her male friends are swayed by the sight of graceful cabin attendants, she decides that this is what she wants to become.


Tied & Tickled Trio

Like any music-fanatic, I have lots of music. So much in fact that sometimes keeping track of what I actually have can be a bothersome job.

Call me zealous, but I do feel the need to know every song I have, what band, what album and how it sounds. So that if I should ever feel like listening to that song, I can whip it up in an instant.

Since I'm already clogged with seemingly more music than I can handle, I haven't really had much interest in getting any more music lately. However at this year's Roskilde festival I heard a few truly stunning bands, which made me reconsider. Tied & Tickled Trio was one of those bands.


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