Yaaaawn - Script-kiddie Slackware users

Today slashdot reported that Slackware (Linux) 11 is now out. Being bored at work, I decided to troll a little. That is, inform whoever might risk being misled by the headline, that Slackware is a piece of shit that should be avoided at all cost.

All the standard responses were there. That using Slackware was the only true way to learn how Linux really works. How every other Linux distro out there is bloated and that it will severely impact the performance of their 3.0GHz multi-core setups they have running (nevermind Slackware being compiled for 386, eh?). There were also a few creative ways of rewriting "Slackware lacks essential features" into "Not being locked into a specific solution".

I reply my best as to why it is a piece of shit, since a few people were reasonable to ask me why i felt like I felt about Slackware. Anyway...

In short: I claimed Slackware was a crappy OS that sane proffesionals wanting to get stuff done would never, ever chose, subtly implying that it had a immature userbase.

Lo and behold! Script-kiddies knocking on my door! From the people who tell you that Slackware is the only way to learn how something really works, I get a bunch of premade script-kiddie attacks from clueless motherfuckers.

This site is clearly plastered with "Windows", "SQL Server" and "ASP.NET". That didn't stop the people claiming to be clued from attempting PHP cross-site scripting to install a Perl IRC-botnet zombie ready to take part in some massive UDP flooding.

Guys, guys. It says "Windows" right there. You can stop your misguided, kiddie-script Linux attacks now. From the guys claiming to be clued, here was an attack targeted towards the wrong OS, when the OS is plastered right there for anyone to see. Jesus christ, you guys suck!

Anyway. You guys have proven my point: Slackware is a immature product with a immature userbase, with all the ego and none of the skills. Thanks guys, you really helped me out there.

Oh. And you can stop polluting my logs now. It's getting boring.

Oh as for this one:


Don't think so.



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<3 windows :)

Men sikkert latterlig enkelt å føkke med siden min, får sende de dit får å trene litt :p

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