Cleaning up some filthy code

Yesterday I installed Microsoft Visual Sourcesafe 2005 just so I could organize my code a little better. It may be the crappiest, most primitive sourcecontrol you can find on this planet, but it does work neatly with Visual Studio. Plus I don't need all that fancy functionality for my needs.

So far my code has been all over the place, and I hoenstly don't know where the code for all my projects happen to be. So after installing Visual Sourcesafe, I went trough my code and built up a solid set of strictly seperated, 100% reusable libraries.

Today I've been reimplementing all my code on all my sites to use these standard libraries instead. That is, except for this site, where the codebase is rather huge, and quite frankly put: messy. I'll redo this site later, but that will take more than one day.

Anyway: 2 days and I've gotten a central, reusable storage for all my libraries & code. I have rewritten all my projects, so they use these libraries and now automaticly use this code. So now I only need to maintain stuff one place and that is it. Basicly the way things should be when you use sourcecontrol.

Anyway, getting this done had the nice sideeffect cleaning up my code immensly. And now I feel really, really good about it. It's like it's been weekend or something.

Guess I am a geek, eh?

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